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The attorneys with the Criminal Defense Group are responsive and aggressive advocates for their clients. If you are facing criminal charges in Maryland and you have any questions about criminal lawyers or charges, please do not hesitate to contact our attorneys to discuss your case. We have offices throughout Maryland, including in Annapolis and Baltimore, so please call our Ellicott City office for a free initial consultation today.

Maryland Criminal Lawyer

From the moment you enter the criminal justice system, whether through arrest or summons, things can be pretty scary. As a criminal defendant, it is quite normal to feel like no one in the system is on your side, or that everyone is out to get you. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you have a Maryland criminal lawyer working on your behalf. Your attorney is your advocate – seeking the best possible result in your case and fighting in your corner when no one else is.

Maryland criminal courts can be quite intimidating, particularly when you are accused of a crime. Even if you already have a criminal record, facing new charges really does not get any easier. From the police to the prosecutor, everyone seems to judge you long before you have your day in court. As a result, it can feel like fair treatment is unattainable. Fortunately, you are guaranteed certain rights by the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Maryland. These due process rights are there to ensure you are treated justly, and your Maryland criminal lawyer is there to help make sure these rights are protected.

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in handling cases of DUI, assault, domestic violence, drug charges, and gun charges and are committed to getting the best possible result for all of their clients. As such, we strive to construct a defense that is both aggressive and tailored to the individual interests of the client. Therefore if you are facing charges in any of these areas from Wicomico County, ColumbiaAnne Arundel to Bethesda to Howard County, Carroll County,Gaithersburg, Germantown, Worcester County, Kent County,Washington CountyDorchester County, Garrett County, Harford County and Calvert County, contact the Criminal Defense Group today for a free initial consultation of your case.


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The Advantages of Having an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges can be scary and frustrating, but you don’t have to go through the process alone. One of the primary benefits of hiring a private defense attorney is the ability to choose a Maryland criminal lawyer who you are comfortable with, who you feel understands your goals, and who you believe will represent you well. This is why it is important to search, not for “the best Maryland criminal lawyer,” but for the Maryland criminal lawyer you believe is right for you and your case.

With a Maryland criminal lawyer by your side, you will know that you have an advocate and strategist fighting on your behalf in and outside of the courtroom. If you are facing criminal charges and you are unsure of what your next step should be, contact an attorney today. It costs nothing. Call to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer today.

Announcing the 2019 Oleg Fastovsky Outstanding Citizen Scholarship

We are announcing the Outstanding Citizen Scholarship, which is a great opportunity for students who participate in community service. This is a scholarship for 2019, and the minimum eligibility criteria include:

  •  A 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.
  •  Enrollment in an accredited post-secondary program, and
  • A commitment to citizenry and community service as demonstrated by a resume and essay. In addition, applicants should submit:
  •  An official transcript.
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Crimes and Penalties In Maryland

The number of criminal statutes in the state of Maryland is truly overwhelming. You could be accused of violating any one of them and face serious penalties if convicted. In general, all of these criminal laws are separated into two classifications: misdemeanors and felonies. At the most basic level, the difference between these two classifications is the potential sentence you face if convicted: a misdemeanor carries less than one year in jail and a felony carries more than one year in prison.

The criminal defense attorneys with our firm have experience representing people accused of everything from the most minor misdemeanor to the most serious felony offense. They understand that when you are the one accused of a crime, no charge is a “minor” thing; each one carries potentially life-changing ramifications. For this reason, each case is handled with the utmost level of respect and seriousness.

The penalties you face if convicted of any one of these criminal charges, or any that are not listed, will depend on numerous different factors, including the specific charge, your criminal history, the facts of the case, the prosecutor, and the judge handling the case. Discussing the details with an aggressive defense attorney can help you determine exactly what sort of outcome is possible. You want to avoid the penalties associated with a conviction. It is part of your Maryland criminal attorney’s job to help make this happen.