Maryland Aggressive Driving Attorney

In addition to reckless and negligent driving, the state of Maryland also prohibits aggressive driving. The differences between these three separate violations are somewhat subtle and complex, and as such, a skilled Maryland traffic lawyer can prove invaluable if you are implicated by one of these charges. Below is a brief description of aggressive driving and the underlying, substantive traffic violations that can amount to aggressive driving. If you have any questions or have currently been charged with aggressive driving, contact Maryland aggressive driving lawyer today.

The Role of a Maryland Aggressive Driving Lawyer

In light of the aforementioned, you may be wondering why it is advisable to contact an experienced Maryland aggressive driving lawyer if you are faced with an aggressive driving violation. Speaking with an attorney will allow you to fully understand what your options are and gain a comprehensive understanding of the violation.

A Maryland aggressive driving attorney will be able to assist you in determining the most appropriate course of action, and, depending upon the circumstances, will construct an individualized, aggressive defense. An experienced Maryland aggressive driving lawyer may offer a free initial consultation to discuss the all the facts of your case. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you have been charged with aggressive driving in Maryland.

Understanding Aggressive Driving

Unlike the more ambiguous criteria of reckless and negligent driving, the acts that constitute aggressive driving in the state of Maryland are clear and explicitly codified under the law. Per Section 21-901.2, an individual is guilty of aggressive driving if he or she commits three or more specified offenses “at the same time or during a single and continuous period of driving.” Each of the specified offenses that can amount to aggressive driving are identified below, and briefly discussed.

Section 21-901.2(1), Traffic lights with steady indication

A violation of the provisions of Section 21-202 is conduct that, in conjunction with other violations, can lead to a person being charged with an aggressive driving violation. For example, if a person fails to stop at the near side of an intersection when confronted with a red light, he or she will be in violation of Section 21-202(h). This section contains other provisions related to green, yellow, and red lights (including both solid and arrowed lights). The full description of the law can be found here.

Section 21-901.2(2), Overtaking and passing vehicles

When motorists decide to overtake another vehicle on the road, the law requires that this be done in a certain manner. For instance, the Maryland Transportation Code requires that if a motorist decides to pass, he or she must do so at a safe distance. Additionally, there are regulations imposed on the motorist whom is being overtaken. More information can be found on the following page.

Section 21-901.2(3), Passing on right

The general rule in Maryland is that motorists may not overtake and pass other drivers on the right. This regulation is in place to ensure the safety of all drivers, and if violated, can potentially lead to an aggressive driving violation. Section 21-304 does enumerate certain circumstances in which it is lawful to pass on the right, which can be found here.

Section 21-901.2(4), Driving on laned roadways

There are various rules governing the conduct of motorists on roadways demarcated with lanes. For example, on a three lane road that provides for two-way traffic with a center lane, a motorist is prohibited from driving in the center lane, subject to certain codified exceptions.

Section 21-901.2(5), Following too closely

One of the most common ways that accidents can occur is when a driver follows another motorist too closely. A slight lapse in attention can result in a rear-end collision, and the legislature has taken steps to deter motorist from engaging in this behavior. According to the law, a motorist cannot follow another driver “more closely than is reasonable and prudent.”

Section 21-901.2(6), Failure to yield right-of-way

Right-of-way is indicated by both yield signs and stop signs. Motorists who fail to adhere to these signs on the road can potentially run afoul of the provisions articulated under Section 21-403. If a motorist violates this section and the provisions of two other sections at the same time, he or she may be found guilty of aggressive driving.

Section 21-901.2(7), Exceeding a maximum speed limit or posted maximum speed limit

One of the more commonly associated violations with aggressive driving is speeding. By driving above the posted maximum speed limit, a motorist endangers other drivers on the road. As is the case with the aforementioned violations, speeding can be a contributing factor that can lead to a motorist being found guilty of aggressive driving.

Penalties for Aggressive Driving

A person who is found guilty of aggressive driving in the state of Maryland is subject to monetary fines and demerit points against his or her license. Specifically, an individual guilty of aggressive driving will face a fine of up to $500 and be assessed 5 points against his or her license. Like reckless driving, the point accumulation associated with aggressive driving necessitates that the driver enroll in the state’s Driver Improvement Program. This is a four to eight hour instructional program which is designed to “rehabilitate” the driver.

For a complete understanding of the penalties associated with aggressive driving, contact a skilled Maryland aggressive driving lawyer.