Maryland Restricted License Lawyer

There are numerous types of restricted licenses in Maryland. When a person has a restriction placed on their license, the individual will need to comply with the restriction and their license will be suspended if they fail to comply. A restricted license lawyer in Maryland can work with a client who may be subjected to a restricted license to try to get a different penalty imposed or can work with a client who has a restricted license to ensure that they understand the restrictions.

Types of Restricted Licenses in Maryland

One type of restricted license in Maryland is a work restricted license. When a person is subjected to a breathalyzer test and blows between a .08 and .14, the penalty may include a 45-day license suspension. A person in this situation can get a permit that will allow the person to drive to and from work, to and from school, to and from medical appointments, as well as to and from any kind of court-ordered activities.

Another type of restricted license includes an alcohol restriction. In Maryland, this restriction may be a condition of probation or is required of anyone under 21 who has a license. This means that it is a violation of the restriction on their license to operate a motor vehicle with an alcohol content of .02 or higher. This alcohol level would mean that the person had almost nothing to drink. A person with a license in this category would be in violation of their restriction if they refuse to submit to a breathalyzer test.

The ignition interlock program is a type of a restricted license which basically says that an individual cannot operate a motor vehicle unless they have an ignition interlock device installed while their license is subject to that restriction.

Fees Associated with Driving Restrictions

The cost of a driving restriction will depend on the type of restriction. There may be not fees associated with a standard alcohol restriction. However, for an ignition interlock restriction, there will be a significant fee since it will require the individual to have the ignition interlock installed in their vehicle. This can cost hundreds and occasionally thousands of dollars.

Driving Restriction Violation

A person who has received a notice that they have violated their driving restriction generally has two choices. A person can either accept the violation and suspension or they can request a hearing to challenge the suspension. To challenge the suspension, a person will submit the form attached to the notice that Motor Vehicle Administration sent to request a hearing. It is almost always a good idea for a person to request a hearing to challenge a suspension when accused of violating a driving restriction.

License Restriction Removal

Some license restrictions will expire with the passage of time. For example, the alcohol restriction for people who are under 21 have is automatically removed when they reach the age of 21. Other license restrictions, including the work modification and ignition interlock restriction, expire when an individual reinstates their regular driver’s license. If a person has any questions or concerns regarding having a license restriction removed, they should contact a Maryland restricted license lawyer at their earliest convenience.