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Transporting Firearms in Maryland

When an individual is transporting a firearm, they are permitted to do so but it must be stored in a container and the ammunition must be separate from the firearm itself. An individual has to keep it in the trunk or as far back in the vehicle as it can be.

Transporting firearms in Maryland can be penalized severely, cementing the necessity of an experienced attorney to properly combat any penalties you may be facing.

Firearm Regulations

Assuming that it is a Title I firearm, which is a basic gun or shotgun, or a handgun, it must be stored separately. It must not be loaded, and it cannot be readily accessible to the driver.

An individual cannot just be driving around with a firearm as that is usually not around. They need to be transporting the firearm from one place to another. If an individual is going hunting or to a firing range, they are permitted to take the firearm there and back. However, if they are just driving around, there can be some legal issues. Further, an individual needs to know the laws of the state they are entering and abide by the laws of that state.

Maryland Laws

Once the individual crosses into Maryland, the conceal permit is of no consequence and has no bearing, and they are breaking the law. An individual needs to know that if they have a state that does not allow them to have a firearm in their glove box and they drive to a state that allows them to have it in the glove box, they are not breaking any laws.

As far as transporting firearms in Maryland, an individual will have to know the laws of both states before they can make a decision. When an individual is dealing with certain firearms, they can always go to a licensed dealer and arrange transport from one dealer to another. That is one way of doing it, especially if it is a more restricted firearm. However, it is important that an individual is very careful in doing so and is familiar with the laws of the states they are traveling to and from.

Unlawful Transport

Transporting a firearm is illegal anytime it is not stored properly in the vehicle and is readily accessible to the driver. If the ammo is with the firearm, if the gun is loaded, not stored, not kept safe, in the backseat, or is under the seat’s glove box, it could be considered unlawful transport. This is especially true if an individual crosses interstate lines when the receiving state does not have the laws of the state where the individual is coming from or going to.

Properly Storing the Firearm

To properly store a firearm when transporting it in Maryland, make sure the ammo is stored separately from the firearm, in cases, and locked. The purpose of that law is to ensure that the firearm is not readily accessible. If the firearm is in a hatch back but is in the trunk, the ammo should be on the other side of the trunk and locked in a case. As long as the gun is not easily accessible and is on the other side of the vehicle as the ammo, an individual will not be breaking the law.

Obviously, an individual is not required to purchase a vehicle that has its own trunk compartment in order to comply with the rules of transporting a firearm in Maryland.

Potential Penalties

If the firearm is a wear, carry, or transport, the penalty is up to three years’ incarceration and up to a $2,500 fine for unlawfully transporting a handgun. That is assuming the person has no other records, history charges, crimes, or any other enhancements.