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Plea Deals in Maryland Gun Cases

An experienced gun lawyer is going to work their hardest to ensure that their client receives the best outcome in their case, and in some scenarios, the best outcome is accepting a plea deal. If an individual is faced with a gun charge, the penalties can be extremely devastating, not just for the individual, but for his or her family as well. An experienced gun attorney with a background in trying cases that involve weapons charges within their jurisdiction can negotiate on behalf of their client, and they can arrange a plea deal.

When considering a plea deal, an individual must understand that there is a benefit to taking one if given the opportunity to do so. When offered a deal the individual that is facing a gun charge is given the opportunity to avoid harsher penalties, and this typically happens because of the way that a case is presented during the trial process. A lawyer will do their due diligence and create the strongest defense for their client(s).

Common Plea Bargains For Weapon Charges

When discussing the types of Maryland plea bargains available, there are two major types, which include:

  • A guilty plea.
  • A not guilty plea.

If someone pleads not guilty, they will generally go to trial. If he or she chooses to go to trial, they must go through the process of presenting a defense against their gun charge. There is a chance that they may be found guilty, but if a jury or judge finds that they are not guilty, he or she will walk away. If that individual is found guilty, they will be convicted and they will suffer the sentence and consequences of that choice.

In contrast, if an individual decides to plead guilty, there will typically be an offer, an agreement, a benefit, or a resolution presented by the court, which may be better than what he or she would have received if they decided to go to trial. If an individual who has a prior record, a prior felony, or a prior crime of violence is offered the chance to accept a deal, more than often it is the best decision for them to accept the deal. Accepting a deal will usually always yield a much better outcome for an individual with a prior criminal record.

Deciding Whether to Take a Deal

If an individual is facing a gun charge and has been offered a plea deal, the decision to accept or plead not guilty is something that should be discussed with the help of legal counsel. There are certain factors that must be considered, which an experienced lawyer will help their client do. Those factors include:

  • The likelihood of a conviction.
  • How strong the evidence is.
  • Whether or not there are possible defenses.

There are a lot of different repercussions that an individual may face depending on the decisions they make in court and the plea bargain that they choose. Someone facing a gun charge should seek the legal aid of a lawyer as soon as they can. An attorney will ensure the best results possible given the details of that individual’s case.