Maryland Student DUI Lawyer

Maryland student DUI lawyers don’t typically see Maryland underage DUI charges impact students’ status at school much. Each university has a different set of rules. University of Maryland will require students to jump through some hoops, either through alcohol classes or some kind of community service. For many universities, there is no impact. I’ve never seen somebody be expelled. I also have not seen a lot of schools find out as long as the student keeps quiet about it and it doesn’t happen on campus. However, if the student was caught by a campus cop, for example, then the university probably will hear about it.

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If not handled properly, a DUI can have serious long-term effects. It’s very important to find a Maryland student DUI lawyer who knows more than just the laws. There may be some defensible element to the case or the attorney could possibly get the case thrown out, but even if that isn’t the case, an attorney can help to get the case in front of the right judge.

The outcome of a case depends heavily on who the judge is. If the individual has a good judge, the DUI penalties might not be as severe. If they have a bad judge, there could be some serious long-term consequences. It is very important to have an attorney to handle a DUI charge correctly.

DUI On Maryland College Campus

There is no difference between on- and off-campus DUIs from the court perspective. If it’s a campus cop who catches the student, they may inform the university and that could create some additional hurdles to jump through, but from the court perspective and from the administrative perspective for their license, there is no difference whatsoever.

University Discipline for Maryland DUIs

Typically, they make the student attend alcohol education classes. They require the charged individual to complete some kind of alcohol treatment, which their attorney should require them to do anyway. Sometimes the class can be done through the university’s health services and sometimes they accept an equivalent program. As long as it’s a state-certified 12-hour program, that should also be enough for court.

Meeting With a Maryland Student DUI Lawyer

A Maryland student DUI lawyer would ask them exactly the same set of questions that they would ask a client who is over 21.

I would ask them to tell me what happened, why the police contacted them, and whether or not they blew into the Breathalyzer or did field sobriety tests. I would also ask them to tell me about all the interactions that you’ve had with the police. One area that I would talk to them about in a little more depth is regarding their driver’s license because the penalty is going to be more severe for someone under 21. Because of the fact that they are under 21, they have a hearing for the violation of a license restriction.