Maryland Prescription Drug Lawyer

Prescription drug charges in Maryland are very serious and seen differently than other drug offenses. Those who abuse prescriptions typically at one point had a legal prescription or otherwise taking it from legitimate reasons but often times, the dependencies spiraled out of control and they resort to illegal prescriptions. Those individuals very frequently just need help as opposed to punishment and so long as they are deserving of it and a lawyer can establish it, an attorney can obtain an ultimate resolution to help individuals as opposed to punish them and incarcerate them.

The consequences of a prescription drug charge can be very harsh, therefore, if you have been charged, it is imperative that you consult with a highly qualified drug lawyer. A Maryland prescription drug lawyer can work diligently to get your charges possibly reduced or even dropped.

Showing Proof of Prescription

A person can be arrested for having prescription drugs if they do not have the prescription on them.  Therefore, an individual is required to carry it in the prescription bottle that they received it in. They are not supposed to have it in any other container. That way, if the officer finds it, they can see the individual’s name on it and if they are allowed to have it even if it is a controlled substance, they cannot and will not be arrested. What often happens is when someone gets a large prescription and they have numerous medications to take, they might be walking around with hundreds if not thousands of different pills with high street values– this is very dangerous. People resort to carrying it in small pill containers which anyone can buy in a convenient store. They carry it for ease of use but then, if they are pulled over and it is a controlled dangerous substance, they can run afoul of the law and be charged because they can not verify at that moment that they are entitled to have it.

How Maryland Courts Treat Prescription Drug Cases

Maryland courts treat prescription drug cases with a very fine brush. If it is somebody selling it, it is looked at very differently than if there is somebody using it for recreational use. If it is something where someone is addicted to it, through no fault of their own because it was prescribed, it will be treated differently than those other two scenarios.


They have to have the substance chemically tested and analyzed, number one, They have to establish where it was found, how it was found, how much of it was found, what the particular substance is, and was there anything else found, because very frequently there are individuals who are using them who do not just have one type of pill; they have numerous different types of pills if they take it all the way through. Those will come into play in how those cases are treated.

Issues with Prescription Drug Offenses

One conversation point a Maryland prescription drug attorney will discuss with a client is whether they can obtain a valid prescription. Individuals can be self-medicating or maybe a prescription ran out and they did not have the time to go get it and they got it elsewhere. If a person can obtain validly a prescription for whatever they are found with, even if they did not have it valid at the time, typically speaking, the case is going to be put aside. The difference is if somebody is caught with heroin or cocaine, there is no prescription for that; they are not allowed to have it regardless.

Benefits of an Attorney

Only a skilled prescription drug lawyer in Maryland will know the in’s and out’s, the strategies, and what approaches to take and not, however, what defenses are available and how to challenge properly any drug case based on experience and knowledge.

An experienced attorney can help defend their client, both in making sure the person’s rights are protected, making sure the officers did not overreach or conducted any illegal activity themselves in obtaining the substance, as well as planning strategies of defenses; whether it is treatment-based or if there are alternative resolutions that may be available. People who abuse pills are seen differently than those who abuse other drugs. Very frequently, treatment-oriented approaches can lead to very good results in these types of cases.