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Greenbelt DWI Lawyer

In Maryland, you can be arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) even if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is less than the legal limit of 0.08 percent necessary for a DUI charge. Civil and administrative penalties may apply and warrant contact from a Greenbelt DWI lawyer, which can include the following:

  • Fines
  • License suspension/restrictions/revocation
  • Use of ignition interlock device
  • Jail time
  • And more

Drunk or impaired driving is responsible for thousands of Maryland motor vehicle accident injuries each year, and the law does not take such offenses lightly. Knowing the penalties associated with the charges against you will help you understand your need for professional legal representation.  In a free consultation, a Greenbelt DWI lawyer can advise you of the consequences you face as well as the best defense strategy to help you avoid them. Call and discuss your case with an attorney in Greenbelt today.

Maryland DWI Penalties

Although considered a lesser offense by Maryland state law, a DWI conviction carries with it penalties similar to those associated with a DUI conviction. A driver may be charged with DWI if his or her BAC is as low as 0.07 percent or if he or she demonstrates impairment in the performance of standardized field sobriety testing. For the sake of comparison, the maximum penalties for Maryland DWI and DUI offenses are as follows:

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) 0.07 percent up to 0.08 percent 0.08 percent or higher
First Offense 8 demerit pointsMaximum 60 days in jail

Maximum $500 fine

12 demerit pointsMaximum 12 months in jail

Maximum $1,000 fine


Second Offense 8 demerit pointsMaximum 12 months in jail

Maximum $500 fine

12-month license suspension12 demerit points

Maximum 24 months in jail

Maximum $2,000 fine


Third Offense 12-month license suspension8 demerit points

Maximum 12 months in jail

Maximum $500 fine

18-month license revocation12 demerit points

Maximum 36 months in jail w

Maximum $3,000 fine


Subsequent offenses may require the use of an ignition interlock device, and aggravating factors such as transporting a minor while intoxicated or being under the influence as a minor can result in additional or enhanced penalties. If you have any questions, an experienced Greenbelt DWI lawyer can determine the maximum penalties allowed by law for your particular case.

Impaired Driving Statistics

Because of the high propensity for accidents and accident-related injuries when intoxicated drivers get behind the wheel of an automobile, the laws against drunk and impaired driving are harsh.  The statistics reported by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) show just how prominent and dangerous driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be:

  • It is estimated that one life is lost on Maryland highways every 58 hours as the result of a drunk driving accident.
  • Drug- and alcohol-related accident fatalities account for more than one-third of all traffic fatalities in the state.
  • More than one-third of all impaired driving crashes result in personal injuries.
  • Approximately 60 DUI arrests are made every day in Maryland, according to statistics from 2011.
  • Males aged 35 and under are most likely to drive while intoxicated.
  • Nationwide, roughly 30 percent of all drivers arrested or convicted of DUI or DWI are repeat offenders.

Drunk drivers often fail to properly assess their level of impairment before taking control of an automobile.  It is rarely a driver’s intention to harm another person, but the fact remains that intoxicated drivers are an imminent threat to others on the roadways.

Successful DWI and DUI Defense in Greenbelt, Maryland

A Greenbelt DWI lawyer is aware of the most effective strategies to help clients avoid conviction and excessive penalization. It is important to find an attorney who has experience representing clients facing charges for DUI, DWI, refusal to submit, and other alcohol-related offenses. A comprehensive knowledge of the necessary procedures involved in an arrest, blood alcohol testing, and questioning may be the key to a successful defense. Lack of probable cause to stop the vehicle or make an arrest, failure to provide the offender with his or her Miranda rights, and other procedural missteps may result in dismissal of your case.

It is important to speak with a DWI attorney in Greenbelt and give him or her all the details of the events leading up to and following your arrest.  A thorough analysis of case details will help your legal representative to determine the best defense for you.  Call Price Benowitz today to schedule a free consultation, and allow a professional Greenbelt DWI defense attorney to help you avoid conviction and minimize the personal and financial impacts a DWI charge can have on your life.