Frederick County Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is the taking of personal property of another by force or by the threat of force. A criminal conviction for robbery would lead to a criminal record, which may negatively impact a person’s professional, personal, and social life in countless ways. Also, defendants of a robbery charge could face several years in prison and expensive fines. If you are facing such allegations, reach out to a Frederick County robbery lawyer for help. A well-versed theft attorney could explain your rights and build your legal defense.

Comparing the Elements of Robbery and Theft

Robbery is basically a theft with the added element of force or threat of force, and the use or the brandishing of a weapon of some kind. If it was a dangerous deadly weapon, the offense would be classified as an armed robbery. As a seasoned robbery lawyer in Frederick County could explain, the force could be minimal and as simple as grabbing something from another person’s hand. Contrary to grabbing a wallet off a table in front of a person, the resistance alone from a person’s grip is enough to create robbery. It could be a threat to hit someone, or even a more adversarial or significant type of struggle, for the purpose of taking the property away from the other individual.

Elements the Prosecutor Must Prove For a Robbery Charge

To convict someone of robbery, a prosecutor must prove that property was taken from another person by any force whatsoever, no matter how minimal. Or alternatively, they would prove that the defendant threatened an individual with force to take the property.

Qualities to Look For in a Defense Attorney

When facing robbery charges, a defendant should look for a Frederick County robbery attorney who:

  • Has handled the very same type of charges before
  • Understands the elements of the charge
  • Is familiar with what the prosecutors need to prove
  • Knows the dynamics of what goes into a strong defense
  • Is knowledgeable in regards to what strategies to employ based upon their experience in the field
  • Has handled robbery cases in the past

Is Robbery a Misdemeanor or a Felony Offense?

The offense of robbery is a felony offense. If a person is convicted of it,
they could be sentenced to prison for up to 15 years. Aside from the incarceration, the defendant may also be a convicted felon. This would have stringent requirements and certain preclusions from various freedoms in life. These include the right to own a firearm, to travel, and to be employed in certain jobs. In certain cases, a person’s voting rights may also be impacted.

Let a Skilled Frederick County Robbery Attorney Help

When facing such a significant charge, it is imperative that the attorney takes every step necessary or possible to defend the accused. This is even more critical when the stakes are as high as they are when dealing with a robbery charge. Speak with a Frederick County robbery lawyer about your rights and legal options about your criminal case. A driven attorney could champion your case.