Frederick County Robbery Lawyer

The crime of robbery involves more than the act of stealing, carrying severe penalties due to the violent nature of the crime. If you are charged with robbery in Frederick County, there is no time to waste. A consultation with a dedicated criminal defense attorney could potentially help you fight the charges you are facing.

The first step in building a winning defense is understanding the nature of the charges against you. The crime of robbery involves specific conduct. If the prosecutor is unable to prove that the exact conduct occurred, a charge of robbery could be inappropriate. Your Frederick County robbery lawyer could guide you on the strengths and weaknesses of your potential defenses while fighting for a reduction in the charges, a mitigation of penalties, or even an outright acquittal.

Understanding Robbery Charges

Robbery is outlawed in Frederick County by Maryland Criminal Code Section 3-502. While the statute does not spell out what constitutes robbery, the crime involves the taking of another person’s money or property by force or threat of violence. To obtain a conviction, the prosecutor must show that both of these essential elements occurred.

While missing one element or another might not constitute robbery, it is worth noting that it could meet the standard of a different crime such as larceny. In these situations, it is always worth discussing the entire range of potential criminal liability with a Frederick County robbery attorney.

There is a second form of robbery charge under state law, armed robbery. This offense is far more serious as it involves the use of a dangerous or deadly weapon during the crime. Most often, the deadly weapons used are firearms.

Robbery Penalties in Frederick County

According to the law, robbery is a felony. The sentence upon conviction is determined at trial, but the statute caps it at a maximum of 15 years in state prison. There is no mandatory minimum for a robbery charge.

That penalty increases substantially in the case of an armed robbery conviction. If the court determines a deadly weapon was used in the course of the robbery, the maximum sentence increases to 20 years behind bars.

The penalties do not differentiate between robbery and attempted robbery. The crime occurs from the moment a person attempts to use threats or force to deprive another person of their property. The crime still occurred even if the robbery was ultimately unsuccessful.

Common Defenses in Violent Theft Trials

It is a Frederick County robbery attorney’s job to fight against conviction, and while an acquittal is possible, in most cases, it requires a particularly strong defense. One common defense involves the violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights. Police are barred from making unlawful searches or seizures, and any evidence related to a robbery that was wrongfully collected could be excluded.

Other winning defenses are built on denying wrongdoing and holding the prosecutor to their standard of proof. Robberies are often chaotic, potentially making it difficult for an alleged victim to identify the culprit. Casting doubt on the prosecutor’s evidence is a classic way to defeat these charges.

Work with a Frederick County Robbery Attorney

Robbery charges earned their reputation as being a serious crime for a reason. While any theft-related charge is serious, courts often come down hard in robbery cases due to the use of violence or threats. To build the best defense possible, consult a Frederick County robbery lawyer as soon as possible by calling today.