Frederick County Underage DUI Lawyer

When a driver is under 21, they have an alcohol restriction implicit in the issuance of their driving license. It is illegal for people under 21 years of age to consume, possess, or purchase alcohol in the state of Maryland. Because people under 21 and minors are not supposed to be drinking at all, the threshold for a violation is much lower and the penalties could have long-lasting ramifications.

That means that whereas the legal limit is considered 0.08 for an adult over 21, the limit for those under 21 is point 0.02. For example, if somebody who is 25 years old blows 0.04, they will be let go. If somebody under 21 blows 0.04, they will not be charged with the DUI, but they will be charged with driving in violation of alcohol restriction. The consequences of this charge could follow the younger defendant for the rest of their lives so it is essential to mitigate that impact by working with a dedicated Frederick County underage DUI lawyer.

How are Underage DUI Cases Handled Differently From Other Cases in Frederick County?

Regardless of age, impairment is impairment, and when someone is intoxicated, they are unable to safely operate their vehicle on the road. Someone under 21 will have two processes in place. First, if it is a criminal prosecution, they have to go to court before a judge and prosecutor, and the police officers are typically there. Secondly, they will have to deal with consequences for their license and the MVA.

While is it legal for adults to have some alcohol in their system while driving a vehicle, aside from the lower threshold for determining impairment, an underage DUI and a regular drunk driving case are essentially handled in exactly the same way in Frederick County. Both cases will be heard in the district court and both defendants may be facing serious driving restrictions, hefty fines, and potentially incarceration.

Penalties for Driving Drunk Underage in Frederick County

Prosecutors and judges get a little bit more admonishing in their tone with an underage DUI. They tend to say a lot more, lecture more, impose stricter supervision conditions, alcohol education, and treatment of that nature. There are certain concessions that prosecutors and judges understand that someone who is 19 years old, even though they are technically an adult by law, they do not necessarily have the wisdom that comes with being an adult for years and are not held to as high a standard, because they are still developing, learning and growing. There are many unique factors that make handling a drunk driving charge for a defendant under 21  different from any other DUI case, but that is why an experienced underage DUI lawyer is indispensable when handling cases like these in Frederick County.

Why Working With an Experienced Attorney is Essential

DUIs are different based on the unique circumstances in each case, and there is no broad brushstroke that can address every single DUI and its various facets. It is important to know that some cases are challengeable, others are about mitigation and doing whatever they can to make the best of a bad situation. Only a skilled and experienced attorney will know the proper course of action for the individual, and the characteristics that apply to any particular DUI case. Call a compassionate Frederick County underage DUI lawyer today to start working on your case and to fight for the best outcome possible.