Frederick County Third-Offense DUI Lawyer

DUIs, unlike other charges, have some of the most significant consequences for the public and lives get destroyed by drunk driving every day whether it is severe injury, or tragic but preventable deaths. Because of the significant consequences and severity of driving while intoxicated, the sanctions are also severe without dedicated help from a drunk driving defense attorney. On a first-offense DUI, the ramifications are serious, but there may be some leniency shown towards a defendant. However, after a third-offense, the prosecutor and judge generally seek significantly heavier penalties as the defendant may have a real alcohol problem or a wanton disregard for the public’s safety.

If you have been arrested for your third drunk driving charge, you will need the help of a Frederick County third-offense DUI lawyer. While the consequences would not be light for either of the prior convictions, the penalties for a third drunk driving conviction have the potential to completely ruin your life.

What Are the Penalties for a Third Drunk Driving Conviction in Frederick County?

Initially, third-offense DUIs carry the same penalties as a first offense. However, if the state files an enhancement, then the maximum penalty is significantly increased on a third offense versus a first or even a second-offense DUI. However, there is something called a decay factor. For example, if someone gets a DUI and then, three years later, gets another one, they will likely receive a harsher sentence than if the subsequent charge was much later. If it has been 30 years—someone had a DUI when they were 21 and then at 51 again-generally the prior is not going to be held that much against them because of the huge time disparity between the first and second, or what is called “decay.”

How Does an Attorney Build a Defense Case for a Third DUI Charge?

Some of the strategy for third-offense DUIs depends on the age of the prior offenses and the underlying facts of the case-at-issue. Typically on a third-offense DUI, even if the priors have some age, there is going to be a period of incarceration. At a minimum, it could be a weekend or up to weeks, months, or even more, all depending on the nature of the facts.

In building a defense, a talented Frederick County third-offense DUI lawyer could present whatever they can to help mitigate the incident and present whatever positive steps the person has taken to possibly reduce their exposure to incarceration, which is almost a certainty on a third offense. While there is no diversion for DUIs here in Frederick County, if somebody does an alcohol class or a program, it may serve as a show of good faith and lead to a reduction in penalties.

The Effects on a Driver’s License After Another Charge

The effect of a third-offense DUI on a person’s license depends on the nature of the incident and the age of the priors. At a minimum, they would face a six-month suspension. At most, it could be a few years’ suspension, but after three offenses, there could be a medical advisory board involvement in a person’s privilege. The medical advisory board generally acts after a third or fourth offense, but typically not after a second.

The medical advisory board can put the person in permanent interlock on their car for years or outright suspend the privilege until such time as they are cleared or deem the person no longer a danger. The suspension could be a lot longer than even the preset amounts through the MVA if the medical advisory board gets involved.

Eventually, someone convicted of a third drunk driving offense in Frederick County could petition to get their driving privileges reinstated. This may be via a restricted driver’s license that has specific limitations on their ability to drive. To learn more about regaining the right to drive after several intoxicated driving convictions, the person charged should get in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable DUI lawyer to learn about their legal options.

Why it is Essential to Work with Experienced Legal Counsel

A person facing a third-offense DUI charge should look for an experienced attorney because only an experienced lawyer will know how to properly challenge the case. After a third charge, you may be facing as much as three years in prison, without accounting for any aggravating factors like the presence of a minor, elevated blood alcohol content, or if somebody was hurt or killed as a result. Your life could be forever changed after a conviction, so working with a Frederick County third-offense DUI lawyer who has experience handling these cases is your best chance at moving on from this situation. Call now to schedule a consultation for your case and to learn more about your rights.