Charles County Courthouse

The courthouse in Charles County is located at 200 Charles Street in La Plata, Maryland, and can be reached at (301) 932-3203 or (301) 870-2659. The clerk’s office hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Note that the courthouse is closed on major holidays, as well as during severe weather or other emergencies. To learn more about your court date, consult with a DUI lawyer in Charles County today.

Court Ettiquette

Electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones and laptops are allowed in the Charles County Courthouse, but they may only be used in accordance with Maryland Rule 16-110 and the court’s orders. Maryland Rule 16-110 indicates that all electronic devices must remain off and inoperable inside the courtroom unless the presiding judge has given direct permission in a specific case. The recording, taking or transmitting of photographs, videos and other visual images on a cell phone or other electronic device is strictly prohibited at all times. An electronic device may not be used in a way that interferes with the work of court personnel or court proceedings.

Electronic Devices

In addition, the court may prohibit the possession of electronic devices in courtrooms and other sections of the building. In those cases, the court will note the restricted section and collect the devices from individuals entering that area. Upon leaving, individuals will receive their devices back from security.

Also, electronic device are prohibited from entering a jury deliberation room. Electronic devices can be inspected by court security personnel and an electronic device may be confiscated for misuse. Court security personnel may also confiscate an electronic device from certain areas of the courthouse. Security and other court personnel are not liable for any loss, damage, or misplacement of those electronic devices that are confiscated or collected under the Maryland Rule 16-110 or a court order.

Dress Code

There is no formal dress code for the Charles County Courthouse, but individuals must dress appropriately for the proceedings. The following clothing items are not acceptable in the courthouse: uniforms, employer badges, T-shirts with logos, graphic T-shirts, or undershirts worn as the top layer of clothing. In addition, beach or athletic wear, abbreviated clothing, see-through clothing and hats are unacceptable. Dressing in clothing that is unacceptable or that creates a disruption to court proceedings may result in an extension of an individual’s service term or another sanction.

Other Rules

The Charles County Courthouse has a few other general rules. Food and drink is not permitted in any courtroom, and smoking inside the courthouse is prohibited. In addition, there is no childcare available at the court. If a children requiring care is brought to the courthouse, an individual can be sanctioned by the court.

DUI Hearings and Charles County Court

A DUI charge can result in a variety of punishments issued by the court. For example, DUI convictions can result in multi-year jail terms and other penalties ranging from expensive fees to forfeiture of an individual’s license. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for individuals facing a Charles County DUI to have a qualified criminal attorney, who knows Charles County, assist them in fighting their DUI charge. Call today for a free case consultation and information, or learn more about serious traffic violations in Charles County.