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Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI) are serious offenses. When you do not have legal representation, you may face some serious penalties. This is why it is essential that you find a DUI attorney in Maryland as soon as possible after being arrested and charged with either of these crimes. Once you are arrested, your license will be suspended automatically, pending an administrative hearing (which you must request within 10 days of being arrested) with the Motor Vehicle Administration of Maryland.

You will also be facing a criminal hearing. When you work with a Silver Spring DUI attorney, however, you will have someone to represent your case aggressively and fight to protect your driving privileges.

Potential Penalties for a DWI or DUI in Silver Spring, Maryland

The actual penalties that you will face when convicted of driving under the influence will vary based on your specific situation as well as the circumstances surrounding your case. A competent lawyer who understands the laws governing DUI/DWI charges in Maryland will have the very best chance of building a successful defense for your case. While the situation that you are facing will likely vary, the majority of penalties you will possibly see include:

First-Time Offenders                                                           

  • Fines as high as $1,000
  • Possible suspension of your driver’s license
  • A jail sentence of up to one year

Second-Time Offenders

  • Fines as high as $2,000
  • Possible revocation of your driver’s license
  • Requirement to use an ignition interlocking device
  • A Jail sentence of up to two years

Third Time Offenders

  • Fines as high as $3,000
  • Possible revocation of your driver’s license
  • Requirement to use an ignition interlocking device
  • A jail sentence of up to three years

When the penalties and charges are being determined by the judge, some of the other factors that will be considered include:

  • If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI while a minor was in the vehicle, no matter the blood alcohol level you had, the penalties you face will increase significantly.
  • If you have been arrested of DUI or DWI and been involved in a collision or accident of any type, then you will face a criminal charge, as well as a potential charge related to any injuries or vehicular manslaughter.

DUI versus DWI

If you have been arrested for having some alcohol in your system, but your actual blood alcohol content (BAC) registered at less than 0.08 percent, then you will be charged with driving while impaired (DWI), which is considered a lesser offense. A DWI conviction can include 60 days of incarceration, fines of up to $500 and eight points being added to your driving record; however, if you are facing multiple offenses, then you may be looking at even more jail time.

Finding a Silver Spring DUI Lawyer

If you are facing a DUI or a DWI charge, the time to act is immediately.

Once you have consulted with a Silver Spring DUI attorney, you will be able to begin working with them in order to build your defense to have the highest likelihood of success. With this in mind, do not hesitate to seek legal representation for you DUI or DWI charges. Your initial consultation is free of charge, and the team at our firm is standing by to receive your call, so contact us today.