Common Gun Offenses in Columbia

Common gun offenses fall into a number of categories. Often, charges have to do with the improper transportation of weapons from one point to another, or with storing or loading a hand gun incorrectly. These actions are unlawful and carry potential jail time as a sentence. They could cause someone to lose their ability to possess a firearm in the future which is why it is important to seek the counsel of a qualified Columbia gun lawyer, should you be charged.

Common Gun Offenses

There are a number of common gun or firearm offenses. Typically, it is not a question of illegal possession, nor a matter of someone who has a gun that should not have it in their possession. More often than not, the offense pertains to individuals caring for or maintaining their firearms improperly. In some cases, police officers arrive at a house for an unrelated reason and see a gun as well as a minor on the premises. Both the minor and firearm can only be under the same roof if the latter is secured. If it is exposed, gun charges can be filed.

Another common gun offense relates to individuals driving with firearms in their vehicles.  If someone has a carry and conceal permit, then there is no perpetuation of the law. Firearms must be transported in specific and certain ways, and it is a violation when these rules are not followed.  It is important to note that while some states allow individuals to have guns in their cars unsecured, Maryland is not one of them. Once a driver crosses the border, they are subject to Maryland state law.

Impact of Previous Charges

When someone has a record or has a charge from the past, that disqualifies them from owning or legally using a firearm. While this may seem obvious in the case of someone who has been convicted of an armed robbery or first-degree assault, the ban also applies to less severe cases. For instance, if someone has been convicted of a crime that carries up to over two years’ incarceration, then they are disqualified even if it was a non-violent crime.

If somebody steals two iPhones, that is over a thousand dollars and that is a felony. That is a felony that carries more than two years’ potential incarceration. Because of this, that person is no longer allowed to legally possess or even be in the same location as a firearm. If this happens, the law will view the individual as a felon in possession of a handgun hand, which carries five years’ mandatory minimum, non-parolable incarceration upon a finding of guilt.

How An Attorney Can Help

Gun charges can carry significant incarceration and repercussions. An experienced attorney will know the intricacies of the system. Through diligent pursuit of all the facts, they will be able to best determine when and how to proceed. They will be willing and prepared challenge all aspects of the charge, for instance, the police officer’s investigation as well as the search and seizure of the weapon. Furthermore, they will know how to best advise the client at every step of the way. The legal system can be complex and intimidating. Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side will be an invaluable asset.