Annapolis Student Defense Lawyer

While college students are officially adults, they are also young people away from home for the first time and under minimal supervision. For some students, learning to navigate the college world independently may lead to poor decisions.

For the most part, these mistakes are learning experiences and part of growing up/ In certain cases, there are issues that may permanently affect a student and could lead to expulsion from the college and criminal charges.

An Annapolis student defense lawyer could help you whether you are facing a school investigation or a matter turned over to law enforcement. Reach out to a skilled attorney to learn your rights and legal options.

Campus Criminal Charges

Either campus or local police may have arrested students facing criminal charges. The most common criminal charges facing college students include:

  • Illegal drug or paraphernalia possession
  • False ID
  • Underage drinking
  • Driving under the influence
  • Vandalism
  • Shoplifting
  • Assault – often as a result of drinking

More serious criminal charges may include theft, drug use, or sexual assault. Depending on the situation, the student may face felony charges and potential incarceration and heavy fines. A felony conviction, notably for sexual assault, could effectively ruin a person’s life. It may keep the individual from qualifying for a professional license and some careers.

When applying for jobs, it is necessary to reveal the criminal conviction. Even a misdemeanor conviction might mean a loss of financial aid, which may lead to a student no longer being able to pursue their education and their dreams. No matter which type of allegations an Annapolis student is facing, a hard-working defense attorney could review their case and build their defense.

Campus Disciplinary Actions

Every institution of higher education has a code of conduct by which students must abide. Violation of such codes may result in a disciplinary hearing. Such violations may include cheating on tests or plagiarism, or non-academic violations such as noise and other disturbances in the dorm or in a fraternity or sorority.

Even if a student is facing campus actions in lieu of judicial disciplinary actions, it is wise to hire a seasoned Annapolis attorney to ensure the defense of the student’s rights. While violation of the school’s code of conduct is not necessarily a crime, the student may face disciplinary action which in a worst-case scenario might result in expulsion.

When a student’s future is at stake, it is not a good idea for them to handle a disciplinary action on their own. Legal representation could make a difference in the school’s decision and the student’s life.

What a Dilligent Attorney Can Do for You

A criminal charge is a frightening experience for anyone, and notably so for a young person recently entering adulthood. While not as serious, a campus violation charge may have a negative impact on the student’s future at the school and their subsequent career prospects.

An experienced attorney could thoroughly investigate the circumstances of each case to ensure that the student’s rights are protected and check if campus or local police followed correct legal procedures. In certain cases, a lawyer could work with school officials or prosecutors to have charges dismissed or the student is given community service or probation in lieu of jail time.

Let an Annapolis Student Defense Lawyer Assist You

If you or your child has been charged with a crime on campus, you need the services of an experienced Annapolis student defense lawyer. Call our office today and arrange a consultation, or contact us online. We could review the circumstances of your case and advise you of your options going forward no matter which Maryland college or university you are located at.