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Annapolis Speeding Ticket Lawyer

There are a number of benefits to hiring representation to help you contest a ticket in Annapolis and to help you understand the nuances of the speeding laws in the area. Annapolis has an absolute speed limit law, which states if a posted speed limit is 55 miles per hour and an individual is driving 56 miles per hour, they have violated the speed limit law and may be pulled over by an officer. With that said, an Annapolis speeding ticket lawyer understands what it takes to prove you should have penalties or points reduced or eliminated and can assist you in defending yourself and mitigating the damage of the ticket as much as possible.

Speeding Offenses

In Annapolis, an individual can be cited for driving in excess of a reasonable and prudent speed, failing to control vehicle speed to avoid a collision, failing to reduce speed on curves, and failing to reduce speed in dangerous conditions. Additionally, exceeding the speed limit by one to nine miles per hour, 10 to 19 miles per hour, 20 to 29 miles per hour, 30 to 39 miles per hour, and more than 40 miles per hour will result in a ticket. Sometimes the officer will use a speed detection instrument such as a radar gun to determine a driver’s exact speed.

The penalties an individual will face for such citations are dependent upon the nature of the incident, which an Annapolis speeding attorney will help to clarify in these speeding cases.

Court Appearances

Individuals are not required to show up to court for speeding tickets. Such citations are payable citations and individuals may pay the listed fine amount without appearing at a hearing.

However, it is important to note that, by paying a speeding ticket, a driver is, essentially, admitting guilt to the offense. Because of this, any points associated with the citation will automatically be assessed on his or her driver’s record. The only way to challenge such points is to request a trial or waiver hearing, with the help of a speeding lawyer in Annapolis. An individual must either pay the fines for a speeding ticket or request such a hearing within 30 days of the ticket’s issuance date.

Out of State Drivers

An out-of-state driver would benefit with the help of an Annapolis speeding ticket lawyer who will be able to request a hearing to contest a citation. A speeding lawyer has the ability to appear on the driver’s behalf at the scheduled hearing, ensuring the out-of-state driver does not have to travel back-and-forth between Maryland and his or her home state in order to contest the citation.

Ticket Procedures

If you have been issued a speeding ticket in Annapolis, you should first examine the ticket to ensure your contact and vehicle information is correct as inaccuracies may be of consequence in handling the ticket. Contact an Annapolis speeding ticket lawyer who will help you to understand the local speed laws and the nature of the alleged offense. More importantly, an experienced lawyer can aggressively push for a client’s best interests and negotiate on your behalf. Traffic cases are challenging as they involve a number of factors that may impact the outcome of the case, including the assigned judge and relevant jurisdiction. An experienced attorney plays an essential role in ensuring all efforts are made to minimize the possible consequences of a speeding ticket.

Aggressive Driving

A person can be charged with aggressive driving in Annapolis if they commit three or more enumerated violations simultaneously or during a continuous period while operating a vehicle.

These violations include exceeding the maximum speed limit, passing a vehicle on the right, failing to yield right of way, following a vehicle too closely, violating traffic lights and signs, and overtaking a vehicle unsafely. The penalties for an aggressive driving citation includes a fine of $370 and five points assessed to their driver’s record.


An aggressive driving citation is a traffic infraction, which means that an individual who receives a citation for aggressive driving may pay the listed fine amount without appearing in court.

Aggressive driving is a common offense in the state of Maryland. Only a few states, including Maryland, have passed laws specifically defining aggressive driving and outlining the violations leading up to an aggressive driving citation.

Prosecution Procedure

An aggressive driving citation is not a must-appear citation and, as such, jail time is not a potential penalty of such a citation. Aggressive driving citations are handled by the officer who issued the citation, rather than by commonwealth attorneys.

If an individual receives an aggressive driving citation and chooses to contest the citation through a hearing, the officer will appear at that hearing and present testimony and evidence establishing that the driver committed at least three of the enumerated violations. The driver will then have the opportunity to ask the officer questions and present testimony and evidence in support of their defense.

Contacting an Attorney

An experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Annapolis can request a hearing to contest an aggressive driving citation and appear at such a hearing on the driver’s behalf. At this hearing, the lawyer will cross-examine the testifying officer and present arguments on the driver’s behalf. Such representation is important, as an experienced lawyer can reduce the possible consequences drivers face, potentially even having the aggressive driving citation dismissed.