Harford County Courthouse

If you’re brought up on traffic-related or criminal DUI charges in Harford County, chances are you’ll face your charges in either the District Court or the Circuit Court for Harford County, located at 20 West Courtland Street in Bel Air, Maryland, 21014. The Circuit Court in Harford County is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and you can call the courthouse for information at 410-638-3426. If you have a specific departmental question, you can find the number for the appropriate division via the court’s online directory. For example, you can reach the Office of the Public Defender at (410) 836-4880, while the Circuit Court’s Criminal Office can be reached at (410) 638-3472.

Directions to Harford County Courts

To get to the courthouse from I-95 North or South, exit at 77B toward Bel Air, and keep right off of the exit. Merge onto Route 924 and follow it into downtown Bel Air; the Circuit Court for Harford County is located in between Office Street and Courtland Street. If you’re driving to the courthouse, you can park at the parking garage on Courtland Street. Alternatively, you can park at a meter on the street, but the meters have a two-hour limit.

Court Rules and

As with other courts, the Circuit Court for Harford County has various rules it enforces to ensure the safety and proper operation of the courthouse. One specific area of regulation regards objects that cannot be taken into the courthouse. Do not attempt to bring knives, guns, pepper spray, scissors or similar items into the courthouse, as they can be confiscated. In addition to these weapons, avoid bringing sharp objects or any other items the guards may perceive as hazardous; the courthouse takes security very seriously.

If you have any disability that requires special accommodation, you can use this form to ensure your appearance goes smoothly. This form allows you to make requests such as a sign language interpreter or any other accommodations based on conditions in the Americans with Disabilities Act. To make sure your accommodations are provided, you need to submit the form no fewer than 30 days prior to your scheduled proceeding.

You can also make requests for postponements by using the form available HERE on the courthouse website. However, good cause must be shown for such postponements and you should confer with an attorney if you are considering filing for a postponement. In addition to providing forms and information, the Circuit Court website offers information on court fees associated with criminal proceedings in Harford County (click here).

No matter what brings you to court, it is vital that you follow the proper rules of decorum. Be respectful to the judges, attorneys, clerks, and other officers of the court.  Do not speak out of turn, but speak loudly and clearly when spoken to.

While an attorney is not required for DUI cases, such procedures can be quite difficult to navigate without one. A Harford criminal defense attorney who is familiar with DUI cases can help present evidentiary issues and other flaws in the prosecutor’s case that can help you get reduced charges or an acquittal. Such outcomes can save you thousands in fines and help you avoid jail time. Don’t let a DUI interrupt your life; get the reliable defense that can come only from a top-quality Harford County DUI lawyer. Here is more information.