Prosecution of Assault in Frederick County

All criminal cases have two sides, the prosecution who is bringing the charges and seeking a conviction, and the defendant who has been accused of committing the crime. In any and every criminal case, prosecutors must assess whether they can prove the case at hand, regardless of whether they believe something may have actually happened. If they believe nothing happened, they should rightfully not proceed. If the prosecutor believes something happened but they do not believe they can prove the case, it may be a waste of the court’s time and taxpayer money.

Whether or not the case will be brought to court as well as the strategy the lead prosecutor will take are subjects that an experienced assault attorney could explain. If you are currently facing assault and/or battery charges, it may be wise to work with an assault attorney to learn more about the prosecution of assault in Frederick County.

How Aggressively are Assault Charges Prosecuted in Frederick County?

Prosecutors typically pursue assault charges a little more aggressively than they would others because unlike most charges in which evidence is fact-driven by a police officer, there is often an emotional element to assault cases. There is the alleged victim that is claiming they have been violated in some fashion and prosecutors tend to push harder and are more motivated. The prosecution of assault in Frederick County is taken very seriously and heading to court without dedicated legal counsel may lead to mistakes that hurt a defendant’s case.

Calling Witnesses to the Stand During Trial

It is a necessity to put the alleged victim on the stand at the trial. Without a victim, prosecutors would have a very difficult time proving an assault occurred because the alleged victim is typically the best evidence, if not the only evidence, that an assault occurred. The biggest difficulty that a defense attorney has is sympathy or an emotional element in which the judge or jury may sometimes ignore the facts. They may be persuaded by an emotional or passionate witness who cries while on the stand or is trying to play the sympathy card. The prosecution in a Frederick County assault case may seem to have an advantage in this sense, but a seasoned criminal defense attorney could leverage their experience to build a strong case against such testimony.

Why Having a Lawyer Handle the Frederick County Assault Prosecution is Best

Every prosecutor is different and every county has different approaches in general to any charge. What may work in one county may not work in another. Having familiarity with the local courts and judges could give the additional edge necessary to get the best result possible and mitigate penalties. This knowledge only comes from experience defending people and trying cases in that jurisdiction.

If you are facing assault charges, it is essential to understand the prosecution of assault in Frederick County. Unless you know what you are facing, it may be hard to develop a sound defense strategy. However, by calling an attorney today, you could start working on your case and preparing for trial.