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Ellicott City Assault Lawyer

Assault charges can be a very serious matter, and a conviction on your record can have hefty consequences. However, with an experienced Ellicott City assault attorney as your advocate, you can fight an assault charge. Call today to discuss what a criminal attorney in Ellicott City can do for you.

Misdemeanor and Felony Assault Charges

Assault includes intentional physical contact against another person without the person’s consent. However, it is important to understand that actual physical contact is not necessary to substantiate an assault charge. Even the threat of intentional physical damage is enough to elicit a charge. Most frequently, Maryland assault charges come after a dispute or altercation. Often, the versions of events surrounding an alleged assault vary greatly. Sometimes, the person arrested may not have been the instigator and perhaps was merely acting in self-defense, in which case an Ellicott City assault lawyer can argue this on the defendant’s behalf.

Depending on the relevant facts of the case, assault can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony offense. Often, there are aggravating factors that could escalate the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony.  Such factors might include the use of a firearm or causing (or attempting to cause) substantial physical harm to another person.  Assault charges may vary according to the type of assault in question as well.  Assault on a police officer and domestic violence are two examples of specific assault charges, for instance.  Domestic violence is an offense that involves assault between members of the same family, household, or spousal relationship.  Generally, the charges associated with domestic are misdemeanors.  However, if the defendant used a weapon or caused serious injury, the charge is often made a felony. If the person charged has a prior record of domestic violence, or any assault convictions, a felony charge that comes with harsher penalties may ensue.

If you have been charged with any kind of assault, your first step in building a strong defense is to contact an Ellicott City assault lawyer familiar with the Ellicott City Court system.

 Degrees of Assault in Maryland

Here in the state of Maryland, two types of assault exist: second-degree and first-degree (MD. Code 3-202). First-degree assault is a felony because it involves firearms, and/or the offender inflicting or attempting to inflict serious physical injury. In this case, serious physical injury is defined as an injury creating substantial risk of death or permanent harm.

Maryland law defines first-degree assault as:

  • Intentionally causing, or attempting to cause, serious physical injury to another person
  • Committing an assault with a firearm

Second-degree assault in Maryland is defined as:

  • The intentional creation of a reasonable apprehension in the mind of the victim that bodily harm is imminent

Second-degree assault is the less serious of the two and is penalized by up to ten years in state prison (Section 3-203). First-degree assault is the more serious charge and is established by the use of a weapon or serious injury to the victim (or attempted serious injury to the victim) and is penalized by up to 25 years of incarceration. The stiffness of the penalties associated with either degree of assault underscore the importance of having an experienced Ellicott City assault lawyer on your side.

Finding the Right Attorney for You

No matter the degree or type of assault charge that you or a loved one have been charged with, our veteran Ellicott City assault lawyers can vigorously defend you. Our criminal defense attorneys have experience litigating in Howard County courts, and we are prepared to bring that experience to bear on our clients’ cases. Give our law offices a call today and conduct your free initial consultation.