Maryland Court of Appeals Rules on DUI Rights Prior to BAC Testing

Written By Staff Writer The right to counsel is a hallmark of fairness in the American legal system and one of the procedural due process rights afforded to citizens in almost every case. It is a glimmer of hope in what can otherwise be a dark and terrifying time. But what happens if you are denied this basic right? April Deering's case provides a disturbing answer to that question that will affect countless drivers throughout Maryland. According to a recent ruling by Maryland's highest court, Deering was pulled over for suspected drunk driving early on the morning of May 3, 2012. After being transported to the Fruitland Police Department, Deering was informed that she had the option of submitting to a Breathalyzer test to determine her blood alcohol content (BAC) under Maryland's implied consent law. The consequence for refusing a Breathalyzer test in the state of Maryland is a 120…

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