“Vaping” Alcohol Is New Teen Trend

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By Julia Cole In a dangerous new trend among teens, alcohol is being consumed via breath instead of the old-fashioned method of imbibing. According to CBS New York, teens have started vaporizing, or “vaping,” alcohol in order to experience a quicker, stronger, and longer-lasting buzz. The vaping process involves heating up the alcohol and then inhaling the fumes, usually through a straw. This latest trend enables individuals to get drunker, faster. Normally when a person drinks, the alcohol is slowly absorbed by the body over time. When the alcohol is vaporized and then inhaled, it goes directly into the blood stream through the lungs. That means teens get drunk quicker and stay drunk longer, according to experts. Alcohol should be consumed responsibly in any form, but there are myriad risks associated with inhaling alcohol instead of drinking it. The speed and intensity at which the alcohol is consumed when inhaled…

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Audit Uncovers DC’s Arbitrary Traffic Ticket Practices

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Written by Staff Writer A recent report focusing on the District of Columbia’s three primary agencies that deal in traffic tickets revealed substantial flaws and gross oversight in the multi-million dollar issue. Though DC officials are good at getting money out of DC, Maryland, Virginia and other drivers -- $179 million to be exact – they aren’t very good with the details – such as matching plates to the right vehicles and drivers. The DC Inspector General issued the report on Monday based on the findings in a 115-page audit of three municipal agencies that gave out 2.5 million traffic and parking tickets in 2013. Motorists have complained for years about the arbitrary issuance of speeding and traffic tickets when cameras are involved or when parking meters fail to function properly. Among the more disturbing problems highlighted were: The Washington Post notes an unnamed, senior District official is quoted in…

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Maryland Reduced Funding for Criminal Defense Services for the Poor

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Written by a Maryland Criminal Lawyer Staff Writer Spending by the state of Maryland for criminal defense service fell 7.9 percent from fiscal year 2008 to 2012, according to a Justice Department study that made the news this summer. Though this may not seem like much, it’s clearly a problem when you consider the national average saw a reduction in spending of only 4.3 percent. Maryland’s Public Defender Service has gone on the record noting that it definitely felt the impact of these budget cuts, including the loss of key support staff and attorneys having to handle larger than normal caseloads when compared with national standards. In the state of Maryland, defense services for the poor are completely funded by the government of the state. During 2012, the state of Maryland spent just under $88 million on the defense of indigent individuals, according to a July 2014 study on Government…

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