Chris Brown Released from LA County Jail

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By Julia Cole, Junior Editor

Chris Brown is free from jail once again, according to the Washington Post. The R&B singer with a checkered past, which included the widely publicized beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna, was released from a Los Angeles County jail just after midnight on Monday.

The 24-year-old Brown has been behind bars since March, when he was expelled from a court-ordered rehabilitation facility for continuing to violate their rules. He was being treated for issues relating to anger management, drug abuse, and bipolar disorder before he was dismissed from the facility.

Brown violated the terms of his probation last year when he allegedly assaulted a man in Washington, DC last year. In May, the singer admitted to violating his probation and was immediately ordered to serve 365 days in jail. Brown was credited with 234 days due to his rehab and jail time already served, as well as good behavior behind bars, leaving him with 131 days remaining.

Brown must still complete approximately 700 hours of community service, which he is expected to finish by early 2015. He is also required to attend weekly anger management and counseling sessions, in addition to submitting to random drug testing.

Brown was originally placed on probation following his 2009 assault on Rihanna, a hugely popular singer from Barbados. Brown’s probation was revoked earlier this year when he and his bodyguard were accused of attacking a man who tried to take a photo of him outside the W Hotel in 500 block of 15th Street NW in DC last October. Brown was charged with misdemeanor assault for that incident and his case is still pending trial. If he is convicted on all counts, he could face jail time in the District of Columbia.

The victim in that incident was taken to a hospital and later released, according to DC police officials who have released few other details regarding the alleged assault. There were no weapons involved and though Brown has earned a reputation for various run-ins with the law over the last several years – including an alleged bar brawl in New York in 2012 and fight between Brown and fellow R&B star Frank Ocean last February in L.A. — he deserves the same rights and consideration afforded to all Americans, including the right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty.

His defense team will no doubt have many options to explore in his case, including whether or not the alleged victim provoked Brown and his bodyguard or if the alleged victim was thought to be a member of the paparazzi, which aggressively stalk celebrities in the search for candid – and often embarrassing – photos to fuel the public’s thirst for celebrity culture. Considering how cooperative Brown was with the court regarding the allegations of his parole violation there is a good possibility that the prosecution and the defense could reach a plea agreement. Whatever happens, we’ll be watching closely.

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