“Vaping” Alcohol Is New Teen Trend

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By Julia Cole

In a dangerous new trend among teens, alcohol is being consumed via breath instead of the old-fashioned method of imbibing. According to CBS New York, teens have started vaporizing, or “vaping,” alcohol in order to experience a quicker, stronger, and longer-lasting buzz.
The vaping process involves heating up the alcohol and then inhaling the fumes, usually through a straw. This latest trend enables individuals to get drunker, faster. Normally when a person drinks, the alcohol is slowly absorbed by the body over time. When the alcohol is vaporized and then inhaled, it goes directly into the blood stream through the lungs. That means teens get drunk quicker and stay drunk longer, according to experts.

Alcohol should be consumed responsibly in any form, but there are myriad risks associated with inhaling alcohol instead of drinking it. The speed and intensity at which the alcohol is consumed when inhaled means there is a higher level of alcohol in the bloodstream, which puts people at a much higher risk of alcohol poisoning, and even death. Toxicity levels are increased and the body doesn’t have the same methods to dispel toxins since the alcohol cannot be vomited out when inhaled. The faster infusion of alcohol to the brain could also make vaping more addictive than normal drinking.

Vaping is not the only new craze when it comes to consuming alcohol. According to CBS News, powdered alcohol products, which can be dissolved into water or sprinkled onto food, may be hitting the market soon and present their own set of health risks. For instance, the powder can easily be snorted, although that is not its intended method of consumption. Snorting powdered alcohol incurs similar risks to inhaling alcohol vapor it since it bypasses the digestive system, leading to dangerous and intense results.

Inhaling alcohol vapor makes it harder to quantify the amount of alcohol someone has ingested and the ease and speed with which someone can get drunk by inhaling alcohol can easily lead to over-consumption. With teens constantly finding new and different ways of accessing and consuming alcohol, they are at risk for making other dangerous decisions. Driving under the influence of alcohol is an extremely serious charge. Given its fast and strong effects, vaping alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car could mean an elevated blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level and, therefore, more serious consequences upon conviction.

As a firm dedicated to defending individuals who are accused of criminal acts, we are familiar with how easily people can become caught up in the criminal justice system thanks to a simple lapse in judgment. Teenagers often lack the maturity needed to make sound decisions and may not understand the severity of the consequences that accompany underage drinking and drinking and driving. By educating youths on the dangers of alcohol consumption, as well as drunk driving, we may be able to help them avoid making poor decisions that could impact them for the rest of their lives.