New York Considers Ban on Viewing Condoms as Evidence

under Crime Stories, Personal Injury

Written By Tracy Manzer, Senior Editor In a nod to public health practices, New York may become the first state in the nation to prohibit the use of condoms as evidence in prostitution cases, according to the Washington Post. The push for the law stems in part from the estimated millions that New York City spends every year in the distribution of free condoms to combat sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS, and to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The practice of law enforcement using the possession of condoms, specifically multiple condoms, has come under fire across the nation, with prosecutors in Brooklyn and Nassau County, as well as San Francisco, Calif., announcing their offices will no longer use condoms as evidence in prostitution allegations. The Washington Post quotes Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice as determining the so-called benefits of using condoms as evidence fail to outweigh the benefits of public…

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