Cato’s Ten Tips to Avoid Waiving Your Rights during DUI, Traffic Stops and Criminal Investigations

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The career of a dedicated Maryland criminal lawyer is based upon defending people who have been accused of a variety of criminal charges. Oftentimes, individuals who are confronted by police are so flustered that they inadvertently waive many of their constitutional rights, even if they have not broken the law. To combat against this, as well as encourage people to utilize their rights, the Cato Institute has produced a short film, about 38 minutes long, entitled, “Ten Rules for Dealing with the Police.” The film highlights how easily people can unintentionally forgo constitutional protections during a confrontation with police and though the Institute is based in Washington, DC, the material covered in the film applies to jurisdictions throughout the United States, including Maryland. The film portrays a number of hypothetical situations in which ordinary people who have not committed any illegal act may unintentionally waive their rights to counsel. One…

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