The Criminal Drug Conviction of Rep. Trey Radel

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From poverty to privilege, drug abuse is indiscriminate in wreaking havoc on the professional and personal lives of those it clutches. Substance addiction is a tragedy that extends across all socio-economic levels and is not attributable to a certain type of person – realities that reflect why substance abuse and addiction can be so pervasive. Moreover, ramifications of substance abuse can manifest on a variety of levels, including physical, mental, financial, legal, and social consequences. Often times, such consequences can seem overwhelming and sometimes even insurmountable. However, finding recovery can be light at the end of a dark and desperate tunnel, offering many a precious second chance. Trey Radel, Republican Congressman representing Florida’s 19th district (aka the “Hip Hop Congressman”) has pledged to make just such a recovery from his scandalous bout with alcohol and drugs. On October 29th of last year, the Congressman was arrested in a sting operation…

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Heroin, Fentanyl Mix Linked to Philip Seymour Hoffman Overdose

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By Tracy Manzer, Senior Editor Investigators have confirmed there is a possibility that Philip Seymour Hoffman, the much-acclaimed actor who was found dead in a Greenwich Village apartment Sunday from an apparent drug overdose, may have succumbed to a particularly deadly brand of heroin laced with the staggeringly powerful opioid called fentanyl. Drug experts say fentanyl is far more potent than morphine and much more powerful than heroin, and authorities throughout the Northeast have reportedly said they have seen a rash of fatal overdoses in recent months attributed to the new brand of drug. According to an article that ran recently in the Baltimore Sun, “The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said Friday that 37 Marylanders had died since September of overdoses after taking the drug mixture. The deaths accounted for 12 percent of 318 overdose deaths in the past four months. The deaths have raised concerns because…

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