Man Uses “Stand Your Ground” Law as Justification for Shooting Fellow Patron in Pizzeria

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A 52-year-old Florida man claimed self-defense after police questioned him about shooting another customer in a pizzeria. Slow service and complaining customers in a restaurant isn’t unusual, but when this occurred at a Little Caesars located in St. Petersburg, FL, the complaining customer ended up getting shot. Now the alleged shooter is facing criminal charges for his actions. On December 16, 2012, Randall White was waiting on line in Little Caesars for his pizza when he was informed by the staff that it would take a few more minutes to complete his order. As White started to complain about the slow service, another customer named Michael Jock told him to stop whining, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Jock pulled out a revolver after White shoved him and lifted his fist. As they fought, Jock fired two shots into White’s torso. One bullet went into the wall of the restaurant.…

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