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Annapolis DUI Attorney

The wheels of the Maryland legal system are set in motion immediately in a traffic stop. From the moment you are pulled over and suspected of DUI, your rights must be vigilantly protected. Anything you say can be used to help prosecute your case; therefore, it is imperative that you maintain your right to silence even before being read your rights. If you are arrested, the surest way to protect yourself is by contacting an Annapolis DUI lawyer immediately. An experienced Annapolis DUI lawyer help safeguard your rights and freedoms, in addition to closely advising you of your legal options throughout your case. If you are looking for help with a DUI in Anne Arundel County generally, visit this page.

Annapolis DUI lawyer

Annapolis DUI Arrests

If you are arrested for DUI in Annapolis and blow into the breathalyzer at the police station, your license may be suspended for either 45 or 90 days depending on the result of the breath test. If you are arrested for DUI and refuse to comply with a breath alcohol test at the station or a hospital after your arrest, your license may be suspended for 120 days as a consequence of violating Maryland’s Implied Consent law. This suspension is separate from what may occur as a result of a DUI conviction, and even if your case is dismissed or you are found not guilty of DUI, the Implied Consent suspension remains in place. To find out more about the Implied Consent suspension you should speak with an experienced Annapolis DUI attorney today.

Annapolis DUI Penalties

You will usually be issued a temporary license that will allow you to continue to drive until 45 days from the date of the arrest. If you fail to request a hearing with the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) within thirty days of your arrest, you license will be suspended at the end of the 45-day temporary license. If you request your hearing within 10 days of your arrest, your temporary license can be extended until your hearing date. With the help of an Annapolis DUI attorney, you can request a hearing to challenge the suspension, request a work permit, or otherwise protect your driving privileges.

If you are charged with DUI in Annapolis, you will appear before a judge at the Anne Arundel County District Court, located at the Robert F. Sweeney Building on 251 Rowe Boulevard in Annapolis, MD (for more information, visit our page on Annapolis Courthouses). By choosing an Annapolis DUI lawyer, you will be providing yourself with the highest quality legal representation possible. Annapolis DUI attorney Ed Tayter will aggressively defend you with a commitment to protecting your rights and ensuring the best possible outcome for your Maryland DUI case.

If you are seeking information or representation regarding other kinds of criminal charges in Annapolis, please visit aggressive criminal defense attorney Seth Okin’s website here.